About Us

Our services include a range of quality foot care at the comfort of your home as well as other home health solutions in the Greater Toronto Area region. Through mobile care where patients can contact us online or offline, TidyCare Health’s core purpose is to serve patients while helping them achieve the best health outcomes.

We understand that foot health is an integral component of overall vitality and wellness. Many people suffer from painful foot conditions that require professional and regular care to prevent further complications such as severe wounds, infections, or even amputations. Therefore, our nursing foot care services were developed to benefit all those who require care and are otherwise unable to provide themselves with adequate self-care. Our goal is to provide anyone with health concerns or foot related health issues the best nursing foot care that are tailored to their needs.

Your Premier Home Healthcare Service Provider

Planning & Consulting

Initial consultations in the form of in-depth interviews provide clients with detailed assessments of their current status to form a treatment plan specific to their needs and health concerns.

Quality Care

With over 12 years of nursing experience servicing various patient needs, TidyCare Health guarantees quality medical foot care services without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Satisfied Customers

Our continuing efforts in training and improving the services we provide ensure excellent customer care that is reflected in various positive feedback from our clients.